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Monday, April 5, 2010

Preview Over

So here are the twelve images for computer studies, tweaked the contrast a little to pump up the dark spots. Now I just have to colour them...and I am foregoing the teacher's request for a full palette, cause well - screw that. My colour theory and application is nowhere near a satisfactory level for that. That's stupid.

I gotta say that once I actually settled on this idea, I had a lot of fun drawing it out. This boy, for further reference - is the Man. Walking through a world like this? What a badass. Before him I thought this kid was the biggest badass ever (Pam Rogers FTW!).

Yesssir. Signing out before I get too sidetracked and this stays in black and white, Thank you, come again.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Thanks Cormac

It took a good read to finally get me started on the dreaded final assignment for computer studies. It initally sounded appealing to me, since it's a project which focuses on boner-inducing narrative art, our task was to create 12 images for a calendar (one for each month) and to have the images be connected sequentially. But after struggling to settle on an idea, the project drifted off to the backburner, and stayed there indefinately.

Until Mr. McCarthy came along that is. Cormac McCarthy's book The Road(now a Motion picture as well) became a sort of inspiration for the series of images. it is a simple book, centred around a man and his son, living day by day on a post-apocalyptic earth.
It is bleak. Bleaker than bleak actually...errr the shit is just sad - but that's what made it unique and I definately recommend it to any fans of literature out there.

Anyways, my 12 images are similarly about a boy travelling through some destitute world, I will post all twelve images upon completion, but for now here is the boy and the sketch for January. Stay tuned for the rest, Peace Out!